Develop your full potential - effortlessly

Simple and easy to learn, Transcendental Meditation can be used by anyone, anywhere (on a bus, on a plane, in the park, in the office or your favourite chair) and needs no more than twenty minutes and a place to sit with your eyes closed.

"From day one you see the improvements in your life - increased performance, less stress, greater happiness and improved health."
- Mary-Ann James

Transcendental Meditation (TM) stands alone as the most thoroughly researched meditation technique for all areas of human development and stress management, for example lowering blood pressure.

Over 600 scientific and medical studies have been conducted at more than 215 independent research institutions and universities in 33 different countries.

TM does not involve concentration or contemplation - it is not a religion, lifestyle or belief system. TM can help you achieve your goals while improving your health, energy, happiness and lasting success.

Your first step to starting TM is to contact us.

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Brendan and Carolyn Rhodes